THE ARCHAIC REVIVAL ‘Satan’s Woman’ Single Review.


Words El Jefe.

I first caught these guys by accident, but glad of it. Spoke with them after the set, and walked away with a copy of their debut EP. I also had the pleasure of embarrassing the fuck outta my 12 year old, who shook his head with disdain when he realised I was wearing their “Take Drugs And Worship Satan” tshirt while we were at the mall. Hearing him mutter “Did you HAVE to wear THAT shirt?!?!” was priceless!

Following just a mere two and a half years on from their excellent Space Surfin’ EP (still available on Bandcamp), The Archaic Revival bring us the next stage of their rock and roll evolution, in the form of the Satan’s Woman single.

These two tracks are the first taste of their (hopefully) soon to be released debut LP. Satan’s Woman is shot fulla some dirty wah from Davo X, and more screaming lead licks than most humans can handle. A big, loping riff sets the scene for Peat Hallucinate’s wild drumming and perfectly vibed out vocal howl that give the song a whole fistful of colour. Stu G doesn’t let ‘em down either, with his amped up, hyperactive bass riffs. They bring things up and down with this one, and cover plenty of ground, but never stray too far for the guts of the song.

Thrall gives us more of the same although is shorter and more to the point. With a foot to the floor rhythm, and some gargantuan riffs, this track powers out in fine style.

Fans of stoner / desert / metal / riff rock should check this out. I have no doubt you will dig it.

The Archaic Revival: Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp.