LIBIDO FUZZ ‘Kaleido Lumo Age’ Album Review.


Words El Jefe.

Arriving on the scene in 2012, French three-piece, Libido Fuzz have made some great leaps for a young band. Touring their home continent on a couple of occasions, playing festivals before culminating with the recording of this LP in Portugal. Using only the finest in vintage and analogue gear, they have been able to present us with a rich and powerful sounding debut album, full of those dirty, fat guitar and bass tones and some massive sounding drums.

With a love of big sounds, bigger amps and heavy-duty, no-bullshit boogie psyche rock, this French mob treat us to an onslaught of riff heavy tunes born straight from the gut. Being a three piece of course has its pros and cons. You get plenty of time and space to manoeuvre, but also have to pull your weight when the call comes. These guys pull that off admirably, and with enough sonic style to make this record entirely theirs.

The songs are solid from start to finish, but one of the standouts is Redemption Of The Bison, and also one of the more dynamic songs, clocking in at close to nine minutes gives the band lots of space to play.

Enter The Occult is a slow burn epic, and the slick Lost In Space sound effects cap it off nicely.

Haight Ashbury is much what you would expect from a psyche rock band paying homage to the late 60’s hippy / peace-love enclave, but it’s also an excellent track.

This is a funky and cool album, with nary a week spot in the songwriting. Lots of fluidity in the playing, and some tasty little moments. One small complaint though, the vocals are just a tad too muffled to easily make out the lyrics, and with so many hook-ridden tunes, a bit more clarity would have given the listener a bit more to hang on to. It’s a small thing, but hey, it’s just an opinion.

“Opinions are like arseholes, buddy. Everybody’s got one”. Tom Waits.

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– 500 copies total
– 100 copies clear/red splatter incl. poster and download code (exclusive Pink Tank edition)
– 100 copies purple/red splatter incl. poster and download code (exclusive band edition)
– 300 copies standard black


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