MAMMOTH MAMMOTH ‘Volume IV – Hammered Again’ Album review.


Words Jackyboy.

There are records out there that will engross you from the first listen. There are records out there that give you a taste but leave you bewildered. You don’t know what it is, but you like it. Maybe you hate it. Maybe it makes no sense to you why the fuck anyone made this record and why you just wasted 42 minutes of your life listening to it.

And then there is the record that gives you everything and asks for nothing in return. Mainlined sonic satisfaction. The band knows you. They know what you want, almost better than you know yourself. It’s subjective, it’s random and when it happens it’s like voodoo, black magic and conspiracy at the same time.

I got a hold of the new MAMMOTH MAMMOTH record, and it rang my bell.

The single ‘Life’s a Bitch’ opens the album with a clear message of what MAMMOTH MAMMOTH is all about, and what you’re in for. The production is raw and loud. I hear Motorhead. I hear Zeke. I see Marshall stacks and smell cigarette smoke and all of a sudden I’m fucking dying for beer. There is nothing new about MAMMOTH MAMMOTH’s ‘Volume IV’ and as far as I or any other rock’n’roll devotee is concerned, no complaint is necessary. This album is ugly and dumb and perfectly dirty. The guitars and bass grind together like some kind of archaic rock’n’roll death machine in high gear. The drums are sharp and the vocals wail intoxicated babblings of a boozed out loser, like AC/DC without all the bogan overtones. ‘Electric Sunshine’ eases off the throttle to a steady cruise and passes you a reefer followed by ‘Fuel Injected’ continuing the vibration of drug-laced highway rock. Start to finish; no filler, all killer rock’n’roll.

Sometimes it’s all about timing. If you’ve been cranking AC/DC, Nashville Pussy, Zeke, Peter Pan Speedrock or Motorhead, MAMMOTH MAMMOTH’s Volume IV will slide up into your playlist like a freshly lubed electric eel. I’d just been dusting off the old rock records after a gradual disenchantment with doom bands that play the same fucking riff over and over again for 20 fucking minutes a song, and MAMMOTH MAMMOTH was just the kind slap in the face my short attention span needed. Scouring through the information super highway looking for new musical thrills (and sometimes boobs), I am left from time to time believing all the songs are already written. MAMMOTH MAMMOTH are not here to surprise you, but if you want rock; get this record.

If you’re in Melbourne Australia Friday April 24th, the boys launch ‘Volume IV’ alongside Perth’s jewel of punk Chainsaw Hookers who are ALSO launching a new release. Supports from Captives and The Hidden Venture, Public Bar North Melbourne. It’s going to get fucking messy!

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Fri 24/04The Public Bar, North Melbourne – Facebook Event Link.
‘Volume IV’ Album Launch with Chainsaw Hookers (Perth – Launching their new album ‘We Want Your Blood’), Captives, The Hidden Venture.