SEEDY JEEZUS Album Launch with Sun God Replica, River Of Snakes, TTTDC. The Tote. 20-03-2015.


Words Justin Tawil.
Photos Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia.

The line-up Seedy Jeezus put together for their launch was thematically cohesive, yet still diverse enough to the point that every single set was putting forward something fresh, so as to consistently provide something exciting throughout the night.

Opening act TTTDC were notably individual in their amalgam of groove and progressive rock, characterised by their drummers remarkable ability to incorporate wild and complex beats into their super sludgy riffs. A visually interesting set as well, having their two bald, bearded guitarists rocking Les Pauls facing each other from either side of the stage with a raging drummer in the middle soaking up the marvellous lighting setup that was provided for the entire night.

Alt rock legends River of Snakes were killing it once again by smashing some blinding leads, breaking strings mid song and pushing through it with no visible or audible detriment. With a bassist struggling with some hardcore voice loss, British vocalist Dan Williams stepped up to fill the vocal void, laying down some sick vocals and making his presence known by occupying and breathing life into a lifeless pit. Once again, great band, great set with a really cool vibe that anyone with an ear for good rock and roll tunes can get down to.

Sun God Replica capture a classic rock sound and pepper it with that old school Aussie pub rock style that singer Link McLennan is so well known for in The Meanies. It’s easy to draw a comparison between The Meanies and Sun God, but in all honesty they really do have a totally different on stage presence and overall sound. Incredibly catchy vocal melodies sheathed in a set of phenomenal riffery and beefy bass groove, Sun God were astonishing and like a magnet, drew a crowd into what was previously an unbefittingly desolate band room.

The Seedy lads illustrated to (what was now a packed out room) what a beastial groove machine looks and sounds like. Every song was packed with huge amounts of powerful riffs and soaring leads, each a fragment of what together made a monstrous set. Wild lighting beaming onto the long haired and bearded shamans of riffology, drenched in stage smoke, creating an electrifying and memorable atmosphere, one that built a synergetic duality between the cosmic visual aesthetic and the archetypal fuzz rock sound that really put this gig a step above other performances. Arousing more than just the sense of hearing and seeing, the unmistakeable stench of cheeky doobs being passed around the outside area snuck its way into the band room, completing the stoner heaven The Tote wound up being during Seedy’s set.

The gig as a whole was great from start to finish, with such a variety of styles but still similar in appeal. All rock and groove needs were thoroughly satisfied and the multitude of different nuances that each band brought in their set really complimented the headliners Seedy Jeezus for their album launch. Absolutely excellent night at one of Melbourne’s greatest venues.