DOPEFEST: Horsehunter, Hydromedusa, Spacebong, Hobo Magic, Watchtower, Elbrus, DEAD + loads more! The Tote, Melbourne. 14-03-2015.


Words Anthony Moore.
Photos Sally Townsend Photography.

Even on paper, this list of bands kicks arse, loud and up close being sprayed with beer and sweat is a whole other level of awesome. Some of Australia’s strongest stoner / sludge / doom bands took over The Tote for DopeFest and owned it completely. Every band impressed and threw out headlining sets but it needs to be said that Horsehunter had the packed out main band room eating out of the palm of their hands within the first few strums, Noosa’s Hobo Magic have stolen the hearts and souls of everyone in Melbourne, Hydromedusa and Spacebong blew minds… the list could go on. Massive shout out to Michael Harutyunyan from Horsehunter for putting the day together and we all hope it’s the first of many. It was a massive success!