THE DATSUNS ‘Deep Sleep’ Album Review.


Words El Jefe.

The Datsuns - Deep SleepYeah, a new Datsuns LP; now that’s gotta be a good thing. Even if you’re not already a convert, who knows, this could be the one to tip the scales and drag you down the path of righteousness! Admittedly, I found my own faith wavering on the first couple of spins. Just wasn’t convinced, kept hearing slight nods towards ‘80s synth pop and the like. Synth pop?!?! The Datsuns?!?! Yeah, I didn’t know what the fuck to think. I couldn’t believe it.

I shelved it for a few weeks, and when I revisited it, all traces of that swill had been removed and the hard rockin’ Datsuns had returned. I think Dr Satan’s Smokin’ Habanero Sauce From Hell which I’d consumed in copious amounts the night before had launched me so far back in time that I picked up traces of Countdown on my way through and it warped my mind. That’s what you get when you don’t know what you’re doing! But enough of this shite, let’s get on to the LP!

Dolf de Borst’s punchy Thunderbird bass grind leads us into the opening track, Caught In The Silver, with the high hat keeping time and some spooky guitar before they suddenly rock the fuck out. You could easily overdose on the guitars on this track. Catchy as fuck, and totally balls to the wall.

Looking Glass Lies is a pacey tune, with a ripping rockabilly back-beat, and a blasting, Fast Eddie-esque solo.

Another quick-ish tune, Shaky Mirrors, with some big guitar riffs before they slow down slightly with 500 Eyes.

Sun In My Eyes vaguely reminds me at times of Johnny Rivers’ Secret Agent Man, vibing on a strong melody and catchy sixties-style chorus. A very cool song, too.

That’s What you Get has a whole fistful of the trademark guitar licks you’d expect from these dudes. Great, great song.

Deep Sleep, the title track brings us down gently after the thirty minute drag race of the first nine tracks, and gently puts us to bed.

My first couple of listens were decidedly off putting, and also totally wrong. Deep Sleep is The Datsuns approaching near perfection in both the song-writing and execution, and fine proof of how much they’ve grown since 2002’s (also brilliant) debut. Gutsy drumming, great dynamics, melodies, guitars, this has got the lot. I can’t pick a favourite song, and with such a breadth of styles, there’s always more to hear on repeated listens. From flat out rock and roll to the slow and entrancing spaces of 500 Eyes, they’ve delivered on every front. So what are you waiting for, get to it!

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