BORN TO HULA ‘Dirty Tapes’ Album Review.


Words Sophie Dunsford.

In the 1970s Germany was still split into East and West. Did the guilty pleasures of the decade pass them by? Probably. But it’s ok, because Born To Hula, a three-piece rock outfit from the city of Weimar are resuscitating, reviving and rejuvenating the sounds of the ‘70s and they’ve been doing a decent job of it since 2006. A very decent job! In their earlier releases (two previous albums and an EP), they have produced consistent and reliable stoner rock, and the latest album is no exception.

Snuggle into the shagpile surrounded with psychedelic brown and yellow teardrop wallpaper. Don’t worry if you don’t have the décor, just lie back on your living room floor, close your eyes, and let the first track Location Belly transport you back in time with groovy riffs and deep harmonic vocals. Inhale, relax, and know that everything’s alright.

The second track, Didn’t Feel, is sure to induce a bit of shoulder jiggling, toe tapping and choral participation as the band repeats “diddle-la-doo-doo-doo” in time with the signature guitar riff of the track. Sun Is Up is another standout, beginning with a catchy bass line and merging and melting into an array of crunchy guitar tones and echoey vocals. A couple of mostly instrumental tracks in the middle of the album give you a chance to collect your thoughts, or lose yourself in them if that’s your preference.

The tight, springy guitar riffs of Thirteen will awaken you from your daydream in time to appreciate the final three tracks. Bidding farewell to the album Your Rain begins with beautiful acoustic strumming and builds rich, deep sonic layers as the track progresses.

Gather your friends in style with flared corduroys, turtle neck jumpers, bandanas and sunglasses in a smoky, dimly lit room. Born To Hula is the soundtrack to your infinite tangential dialogue.