DEMONAUTA ‘Caminando En La Luna’ Album Review.


Words Justin Tawil.

The name Demonauta may not be one that you’ve seen before, understandable as they are a Chilean Fuzz-Rock band – something the nation of Chile isn’t exactly known for – but by all means, these guys definitely know how to wield the power of the riff. Caminando En La Luna, the trio’s second full release, is a comprehensive display of what stoner rock and groove has become. Even though the band doesn’t dare to stray very far from the archetypal sound of stoner / fuzz rock, the Chilean group still manage to add in their own spice to create some unique passages of music.

Standout performances from guitarist David are what really make this a solid album. From beginning to end David’s riffs deliver blow after blow of beefy groove fuelled steeze and prove that these guys are the real fucking deal. However, he isn’t just a one trick pony; his wild leads add extra bursts of liveliness onto what is already an electrifying musical experience. Conversely, there are moments such as the interlude in Camaleon that dials back the pace of the track, only to bust back into that colossal groove monster that drives the rest of the album.

Of course, to bring forth such a huge amount of pounding groove, the rhythm section has to pull through, and on this album they most definitely do. Massively fuzzed out bass lines take the reins and provide some backbone to those savage solos with some tasty beats to boot, albeit with some poorly mixed high-hats. The second track of the album Hacia el 6 to Sol shows off this robust rhythm section perfectly. With relentless and driving power coming from Miguel’s bass and Ale’s kit, this mammoth of a rhythm section sets this particular track apart from the others, making it standout as something more than just a deluge of riffs.

I’m sure there are many people who have never even heard of Demonauta before, but take a listen to this album and tell me this cornucopia of tasty Chilean riffage isn’t a great source of super groovy rock and roll.

Demonauta – Caminando En La Luna is available now for pre-order through Bilocation Records (Germany).