THE HUNTED CROWS Self Titled EP Review.


Words El Jefe.

The Hunted Crows are two dudes from Melbourne playing their own unique vision of rock and roll. Based on this EP, it’s an inventive and energetic vision too. They’re dynamic and raw, but also tight, play well and have a great handle on how to crank out cool-sounding tunes. Being a two-piece could present issues with how to fill out the sound without the help of multiply instruments, but these dudes just slam the guitar through a bass amp as well as a guitar amp. Throw in some well used effects and any lack of heft to the tone is suitably resolved. Being able to play like absolute motherfuckers helps too!

The opener, Sniff You Out, is an economical 2:02 long and also the bands choice for a film clip. It’s a great song that kicks and writhes from start to finish and kicks off the EP in fine style. Gimme Some Bad Stuff is the funkiest tune, with a lysergic strip club bump and grind, and gives the listener another dose of those unhinged vocals.

New Gun In Town builds until it feels like it will crush you with its own momentum. I’ve always loved the sound of a band going off the rails, and I’m sure this musical IED would kill it live. Twisted Tongue sent my mind directly into overload with its freaky, crunching mid-verse breaks, mangled rhythms and manic vocals.

The final track, Hungry Wolves is a raunchy little thing and the cries of “Fuck you, I’ll break away” could sum the attitude of this band. Sound-wise, it blends dirty rock riffs with a ‘70s funk / porn soundtrack vibe. The truly awesome Tony Abbott also has a guest ‘vocal’ spot, giving us all a brilliant and thoughtful insight into his expansive, forward thinking ecological policies.

Ultimately, The Hunted Crows set themselves a hard task stylistically, but the results are a testament to their (collective) talents. At first, I wasn’t too sure about this EP, but after a few listens, I found I couldn’t even pick a favourite song anymore. It’s probably a bit too weird and wild to appeal to the masses, but fuck ‘em! That’s their loss!