SYREREGN ‘Skabt Værk Består’ Album Review


Words El Jefe

Hailing from Denmark, Syreregn have been around in some form or another since ’06 ripping it up with their brand of late ‘60s / early ‘70s riff rock. Skabt Værk Består is their newest LP, and is chock full of awesome riffs, great vocals, and some excellent playing. Not the ‘technical wizardry’ type of playing mind you, but that killer style of rock’n’roll that tears through the soul and leaves you believing.

The title track kicks the LP off, and Syreregn waste no time in showing us that while they may not be from the ‘70s, they sure as shit love their musical roots. There’s light and dark, and the driving bass riff holds it down while the guitar and organ fill out the song, adding the flourishes to colour and expand it when needed.

Hypnokongen is a neat blend of freeform riffing, and a tight, punchy bass attack with a relentless drive that rolls it home and showcases exactly what makes Syreregn a truly great band.

Marana Tha is an epic coming in at close to 13 minutes and also my pick of the litter. It could hold its head up high rubbing shoulders with Kashmir and The End. With some cool psyche-jazz sounds thrown in amongst it, before the growling, rumbling bass launches and propels the freakout guitar through your skull and into the stratosphere.

There’s no room for passengers on this trip; they all chip in to turn these songs into one great LP. As much as anything else, they are given the freedom to do their own thing, and this is what Syreregn do so well; whether it’s the thunderous drumming, or the near fatal blasts of wah wah fired straight through your mind, they effortlessly fall back into place when the time comes to re-unite and slam the tunes home. Syreregn are an awesome band, and this LP will no doubt stand the test of time.

SYREREGN – Skabt Værk Består will be released October 1 through Kozmik Artifactz.


– 100 x marbled (EXCLUSIVE MAILORDER edition)
– 200 x solid white
– 100 x black
– All high-quality heavy 180g vinyl
– Pressed in Germany
– Matt lacquered 300gsm gatefold cover
– Hand numbered


A1. Skabt Vaerk Bestaar 7:20
A2. Hypnokongen 5:19
A3. Going Under 6:48
B1. Marana Tha 12:28
B2. Psychedelic Baby 5:42
B3. Skabt Vaerk Bestaar Reprise 2:36

Band: Syreregn
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