Just when you think BLOOD DUSTER are up to something devious… they’re not!


Blood DusterMelbourne grind metal band Blood Duster aren’t usually one’s to hold back from promoting anything for self-gain, though this time it’s different. The passing of Australian rock legend ‘Doc’ Neeson of The Angels has touched everyone. Blood Duster are no different. They’ve posted their own “black metal / death rock” version of the classic ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’ on Bandcamp as a Name Your Price / Free download. Originally recorded for their infamous KVLT album and kept to be used later as a b-side, it seemed more fitting for the band to post it online for fans to pay what they see fit with all monies being donated to Camp Quality.


From Blood Duster’s Bandcamp page:

“If you like the track please take the time to donate a couple bucks. This will in turn be donated to a great charity, Camp Quality, or take it for free and donate to something you like. Just do something good. Donation updates will be posted to Facebook periodically if you wanna see if any money was raised and where it went.

If you do share the track on social media please mention the donation part first and foremost in your post.

R.I.P. Doc Neeson.”

Blood Duster Bandcamp page.