Cosmic Psychos, Bad//Dreems, The Pretty Littles, Drifter. The Espy. Sun 20-04-2014.


Words Matt Murray
Photos and live clip Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia

Cosmic PsychosIt’d been a massive weekend of gigs as well as Record Store Day purchases, but it didn’t stop the punters from heading out Easter Sunday to catch the legendary Cosmic Psychos at The Espy. Melbourne punk fuzz trio Drifter opened and threw a collective flannie over all who came down early, setting the night up perfectly for the Psychos. The guys have more fuzz than a ‘70s porn and so much grit left on that Ross Knight’s bulldozer was nearly needed on stage just to clean up after they’d finished.

Next up was The Pretty Littles who continued to get the crowd even more hyped; a blend of upbeat rock and foot stomping mayhem, the band always impress with a solid set. Bad//Dreems, from Adelaide, were the main support and seemed to go over well but by this stage the bourbon fuelled chaos had kicked in and a few around could be heard sharing stories of Psychos gigs from the old days.

Cosmic Psychos walked out to a mass of cheers and beers spilling over as glasses were thrust towards the ceiling. Every time they play it’s like seeing your mates in your lounge room, heckles and laughter included. Kicking off with a classic like Pub just made it even more perfect. A lot of bands don’t last for many years and a lot don’t even last past a first release, the Psychos have a massive 30 year career behind them and still retain the same sense of humour, volume and balls the size of an elephant to cut through anything and just serve up a killer set of favourites and good times. They packed in loads including Nice Day To Go The Pub, David Lee Roth, Dead In A Ditch, Thank Your Mother For The Rabbits and the eternal favourite, Lost Cause.



Photos Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia

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