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Seedy Jeezus (Australia) :: Booking

SeedyJeezusOnce being labeled as “an acid blotter on the tongue of Jimi Hendrix”, Seedy Jeezus continue to live up to this description with their driving riffs and psych – freakout jams. Formed In the back alleys of Melbourne’s gig scene in 2010, the band has taken the music stages around Victoria by storm. Often leaving a trail of broken drums and guitar strings behind them, Seedy Jeezus throw you right onto the stage of The Experience and Cream, right amongst the craziness of Woodstock and right on your arse as you are left reeling from the high. You are always guaranteed no two shows are alike as they often break into spontaneous jams which can either lead into a tripped out 70’s sphere once occupied by Pink Floyd or into the heavy early years of Black Sabbath. If you’re in need of some 70’s stoner space rock psychedelia then tune in, turn on and drop out… and get SEEDY!


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