Proton Energy Pills – Proton Energy Pills LP


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Band: Proton Energy Pills
Release: Proton Energy Pills LP
Release Date: 2021
Label: Music Farmers

The Proton Energy Pills were undoubtedly a seminal and pioneering band in Wollongong music history and now over 30 years since they called it a day, Music Famers are stoked to present all of their studio recordings in a deluxe gatefold edition Vinyl LP , limited to 300 copies.

When the Proton Energy Pills burst out of Tarrawanna in 1987 with their high energy, long haired, post-punk rock, it was a pivotal moment in evolving a viable original music scene in Wollongong. During their time they recorded 2 singles and an Ep for the legendary Waterfront Records label and these releases were critically well received and topped the alternative music charts. The Protons were also lucky enough to share stages with many high profile Austalian and International bands and tour with the likes of acclaimed acts like Mudhoney and Dinosaur Jr. The Protons legacy apart from their great recordings which still sound relevant 30 years later, was how they inspired others in Wollongong to follow their lead, pick up instruments and form bands in the belief that they too could get their music heard and released.

Would the Wollongong music scene be what it is today without the Protons and their pioneering success? Maybe, but it would be very different. Before the Proton Energy Pills, original bands from the Gong struggled to be taken seriously, after the Protons, this had changed. Back in 1988 the Protons had no choice but to head up the F6 to Sydney to follow their dream of having their music released to the world and to gain some recognition in their home town, but over 30 years later this is no longer the case with Wollongong developing it’s very own scene in that time.

Less Than I Spend
Strawberry Patch

Where Do We Go
The Ride
Red Water