H-Street Deck Alphonzo Rawls Dough Boy Deck 9.5″


In stock


Hand numbered. 100 made worldwide.

Assorted stain. Colours may vary.

  • width – 9.5″
  • length – 32″
  • nose – 6.5″ / 6″
  • tail – 6.5″
  • wheelbase – 14″ / 14.5″


This is an Original Re-Issue of Alphonzo Rawls first H-Street Pro Model, The Dough Boy, drawn by by the man himself. It’s made in California by Legend Skates and silk screened by Screaming Squeegees.

The deck features the old school hole pattern and is double drilled, which was a common design feature during this era of skateboarding, with street skating being ubiquitous and the need for a larger nose was being developed and nose slides and other modern street moves simply needed more nose while more traditional vert skaters wanted the larger wheelbase.