Dogtown Deck 10.125 Ozzy Osbourne Gun Metal Flake Deck – LTD ED


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All Hail OZZY! OZZY has been on heavy rotation on the Skateboarding soundtrack for over 40 years. OZZY X DOGTOWN collaboration collection featuring art by Sean Cliver.

This OZZY X DOGTOWN Limited Edition deck featuring ‘Gun Metal Flake’ full dip that was hand created at the Dogtown Graphic Arts Department by Jim ‘Red Dog’ Muir and crafted by P.S. Stix. The deck also features a hand screened gradient fade graphic. This one time Limited Edition deck.

– Hard to capture the sparkle in the photos / video (link below)!

  • width – 10.125″
  • length – 30.325″
  • nose – 4″
  • tail – 6.625″
  • wheelbase – 15.5″

Ozzy Gun Metal Flake Deck Clip