Cockroach Roach Riders Wheels 60mm 98a


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These are our premium modern rider wheels made with Roachthane; a unique blend that is balanced for speed with enough slide and grip to haul through the streets, pool or park. Stoneground finish and flatspot resistant. Made in USA.

Wheel Specs

  • Classic conical shape
  • Stoneground running surface
  • 60mm
  • 36mm wide
  • 25mm riding surface
  • 98A duro

What’s the go with Stoneground?

Stoneground finish is applied to the wheel after it has been poured to remove any lines or residue and give the wheel a worn-in feel so you can take them straight out of the packet and rip. Wheels are poured slightly bigger than their finished profile then ground back to achieve a perfect riding surface. For example, a 54mm wheel is poured at 54.5mm then ground down to 54mm. In our opinion it is the best running surface you can have.