THE IRON MAIDENS, Envenomed, Trigger. The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. 01-06-2018.


Words Mark Ireland.
Photos Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia.

When bands pay homage to other artists there are two groups; cover bands who just play the songs of other artists and then there are tribute acts, when bands take on the mannerisms, use the same stage props and so forth. The Iron Maidens definitely fit into the tribute act category, from the copy cat mascot, instead of Eddie The Head its Edwina T Head, and the band members have changed their stage names to copy their male counterparts, instead of Bruce Dickinson it’s Bruce Chickinson and Adrian Smith becomes Adriana Smith.

At some of their gigs, Iron Maiden play the intro from UFO’s ‘Doctor Doctor’, so for true fans it was a great tribute of finer details.

The crowd was full of testerone and passion and fans who knew all the words to the songs. The crowd, as well as the band, kicked into high gear from the start when ‘Aces High’ obliterated the room. Then it was straight into fan favorite ‘2 Minutes To Midnight’. It revved into high gear when this reviewers personal favorite riff from ‘The Trooper’ electro shocked the room.

Pretty much every song brought a deafening scream to The Corner Hotel and shook the venue to the foundations.

‘The Number Of The Beast’ has always been recognised as one of the all time classic tracks, so when it pulverised in the second half of the set, everyone went into overdrive. You can’t help but smile from the sheer love and passion coming from the crowd.

Fear Of The Dark when it came out wasn’t the most popular album, but over time the title track has become a staple in Iron Maiden’s set. So it would only make sense for The Iron Maidens to include it in theirs to. The intro was sung like a national anthem at the footy, when the chorus hit it went straight to the heart.

They finished the night of with ‘Iron Maiden’, the title song from their classic debut.

Overall I thought it was a solid gig but personally for me, not great. Maybe it was because the band was American and I’m just bias to Bruce Dickinson’s British accent. It was hard to pinpoint why it didn’t rise to the next level, but all in all the crowd definitely loved it and the band loved the crowd too, so that’s all that should matter.

The band walked off stage to the tune of Monty Python’s ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’, which has always been a staple of Maiden sets too.