POODLE rates RIVER ROCKS line up!


Photos Carbie Warbie.

Melbourne rock icon and gig attending celebrity, POODLE!River Rocks 2015 at the Barwon Club Hotel in Geelong was easily one of the greatest festivals we’ve ever attended; kick arse line-up, loads of mates and in one of the best pubs in Australia. Of course no festival is worth its weight in gold without Melbourne rock icon and gig attending celebrity, Poodle. So once we saw him there we knew shit was going to get crazy! We caught up with Poodle after the bruises started to yellow and we’d given up hope on the broken sunnies that were lost, he gave us his ratings out of 5 for each band he caught at the festival!

The Gatwick Highlife Flour Grindhouse
The Gatwick Highlife - Rating: 3.5 PoodlesPoodle_x_3-5v2 Flour - Rating: 3.5 PoodlesPoodle_x_3-5v2 Grindhouse - Rating: 4 PoodlesPoodle_x_4v2
Digger & The Pussycats Hobo Magic The Ruiner
Digger & The Pussycats - Rating: 4 PoodlesPoodle_x_4v2 Hobo Magic - Rating: 5 Poodles The Ruiner - Rating: 5 Poodles
Legends Of Motorsport Mustang Batpiss
Legends Of Motorsport - Rating: 4 PoodlesPoodle_x_4v2 Mustang - Rating: 4.5 PoodlesPoodle_x_4-5v2 Batpiss - Rating: 4 PoodlesPoodle_x_4v2
The Casanovas The Meanies Cosmic Psychos
The Casanovas - Rating: 3.5 PoodlesPoodle_x_3-5v2 The Meanies - Rating: 4 PoodlesPoodle_x_4v2 Cosmic Psychos - Rating: 5 Poodles