I Am Duckeye ‘Commando Too’ Album Review


Words Alexandra Ferrier

I Am Duckeye - Commando TooMusic, at times, can be a serious affair. We immerse ourselves in an endless search for the tracks that make our hearts skip, jaws clench and heads nod in emotional approval; but there are occasions where worlds intertwine. I Am Duckeye are this Twilight Zone. Having released their second album “Commando Too” on June 6th, once again, they have given birth to a fresh new form of rock and comedy; a giant, naked, hairy baby that smokes and says shit a lot.

“Commando Too” reeks of epic riffage and ridiculousness but that’s the whole point and, fuck, can they pull it off. Opening track “Son Of A Riff” is the mighty Duckeye slap that greets you as soon as you press play, reaffirming that, yes, you are currently listening to them and yes, you brought this upon yourself. It’s an epic onslaught aesthetically from one track to the next. The guys can fucking pack a punch, with “Grip It” being a prime example of just how tight this band are but also, the poignant lyrical highs they can reach: “Sometimes life’s like wanking with sandpaper.” I mean, preach.

This album is great to listen to, lighten up and laugh a lot, providing crude, drug fuelled and colon-esq humour teamed with double kicks and licks is your jam. It’s definitely not an easy feat to pull off music of a comedic nature, mask it with stupidity and humour and to not have the final outcome be mediocre. A job well done.

Now sit back, relax, put a riff in your bong and remember kids, bananas are fun.

Favourite tracks: “Grip It”, “Stool Bender”.